– Infinite Business and Training Solutions Africa –

About Us

IBTS Africa is a multidimensional company and a leading provider of Occupational Risk Management Services instrumental to the reduction of injury and fatality rates in companies across all spectrum’s of industry in South Africa. IBTS Africa’s success is due to their hands-on approach, high flexibility and providing services and support products that are tailor-made according to each client’s specific needs and risk profiles.

IBTS Africa was established in 2019 with a primary focus on providing Occupational Health and Safety related services and products, based on client requirements through consultancy and mentorship programmes.

IBTS Africa boasts with highly qualified Health and Safety Professionals covering all industry sectors. The establishment of this dynamic professional consulting group is aligned with the increasing demand for relevant expertise at affordable prices.

Through an integrated approach of consulting, training, auditing and various support products and services, IBTS Africa has proven the results of mitigating Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) exposures in high risk environments. Our mainstay is in designing and implementing new, customized, efficient, and cost-effective methods of occupational health and safety for our clients.

Our Mission

To provide quality business and training solutions that encompass a wide scope of products and services, covering all job functions and industries. We do this by assisting our clients with skills development & training programs, enhancing their employee wellness programs, as well as ensuring that health and safety compliance mandates are met.

Our Vision

To be known as the premier business and training solutions partner within our field of expertise, through delivering professional services and products to our clients, enriching the lives of their employees through education, adding the utmost in value-added services to our client’s and their operations.

Core Values

Integrity – “by always doing the right thing”

Passion – “driving us to make the impossible possible”

Resilience – “knowing that we are the only ones who have the power and the responsibility to pick ourselves up and recover quickly from difficult times”

Respect & Trust – “adopting a work ethic that respects, trusts and honours the needs of our customers, business partners & employees”

Perseverance – “digging deep and pushing through despite difficult times or circumstances”

Innovation – “continually improving and innovating, making us the leading and preferred business & training solutions partner in the industry”

Relationships & Service – “forging unbreakable relationships with our customers and business partners by providing them with service excellence”

Giving Back – “we share our successes by supporting and giving back to our community, our customers, our team members and business partners”



Provide – unit-standard aligned training, development and learning opportunities where applicable to service our clients requirements to satisfy their operational needs.

Ensure – our facilitators are SME’s in their respective fields and accredited with the relevant SETA’s for training as required.

Develop – a quality and performance management system to ensure measurement and continual improvements of our services.

Offer – other services and products from our brand-associated partners that will conform to the same standards and quality only if that service can’t be provided directly by us.